Reading list 21. – 27. January 2019

A lot of phenology papers this week, because I am working on an article. And only 5 papers, because I also reviewed one paper.

Vermeulen. 2015. On selection for flowering time plasticity in response to density. New Phytologist, 205: 429–439

I only managed to read this paper… but I read a lot of other paper, for writing the introduction to a paper. Just not the once I had thought. So here a few papers I actually read.

Wipf. 2010. Phenology, growth, and fecundity of eight subarctic tundra species in response to snowmelt manipulations. Plant Ecology, 207: 53–66.
Kawai, Y., Kudo, G., (2011). Local differentiation of flowering phenology in an alpine- snowbed herb Gentiana nipponica. Botany 89: 361–367.
Cooper, E. J. et al. 2011. Late snowmelt delays plant development and results in lower reproductive success in the High Arctic. – Plant Sci. 180: 157–167.
Totland, Ø. 1993. Pollination in alpine Norway: flowering phenology, insect visitors, and visitation rates in two plant communities. – Can. J. Bot. 71: 1072–1079.
Totland, Ø. 1994. Intraseasonal variation in pollination intensity and seed set in an alpine population of Ranunculus acris in southwestern Norway. – Ecography 17: 159–165.